Zinester Mutual Assistance Grant initial info

Coming soon: ZC MAG, the Zine Crisis Mutual Assistance Grant by and for zinesters! This no-strings-attached one-time gift of $300 will be awarded to a randomly-selected applicant as frequently as funds permit. You’ll be able to apply from this page as soon as we’re ready to launch. Here’s the info so far, subject to possible changes:


The grant will be funded through the sales of anthology zines made by the Zine Crisis community. Join Zine Crisis here to learn more about contributing to our anthologies, and follow us on itch.io to be notified when these zines are available for sale (coming very soon)! Every time we accumulate $300 in zine sales, a new grant will be awarded.


All zinesters who feel that they could benefit from the grant are eligible, and anyone with a documented zinemaking practice to show us is encouraged to apply! Future grants may be restricted to certain marginalized identities to help direct funds to specific communities.

Application process

The application process will be free, simple, and accessible, requiring only contact information and links to the applicants’ zines. We won’t ask you provide a personal statement or fill out a long questionnaire.

Selection process

The grant will be awarded to an eligible applicant selected by random lottery. Previous ZC MAG recipients will be ineligible for a period of two years following receipt of the grant. ZC MAG staff are also ineligible.

Use of grant money

The grant recipient can use the funds for any purpose, it is not tied to finishing any specific project or limited to art supplies. We believe that people know what they need, and that any additional resources for artists helps the creative process. This is a no-strings-attached grant. Consider it a gift.


The grant recipient’s recent work will be featured on the ZC MAG blog and social media.

This process is new to us, we’re just fellow zinesters looking to help out, so your feedback is welcome. If you have feedback or questions please contact us here or on our twitter.