ZC MAG is a mutual assistance organization for and by creators of zines and small art, in conjunction with the Zine Crisis discord server. We believe that zines are for everyone, and are more necessary than ever in a creative landscape dominated by corporate art and art made for algorithms. Want to make a zine but don’t know where to start? Check out the Thuban Press Guide to Analog Self-Publishing

We Offer:

Thumbnail link to Virtual Festival
Thumbnail link to Free Zine Printing

Planned efforts of the organization include:

  • A mutual assistance grant for zinesters
  • Collaborative fundraising zines
  • Zine making 101 tutorial
  • Zine jams
  • Free clip art library
  • Zine tips blog
  • Postage calculator

We’re doing small things in a big way, keep up to date with us:
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Frog Shug character used in logo by lee. Offerings thumbnails by (left to right) Weroniker, kammerdorn, xernist, kammerdorn, Quinn Milton

ZC MAG is run by Eve Harms with help from other members of the Zine Crisis discord server founded by Julia Gfrörer

Footer art by Weroniker